Friday, December 25, 2009

What Doesn't Kill Me Doesn't Kill Me

Whoever said "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," was a moron and a liar. What doesn't kill you doesn't kill you.

My body is so run down from antibiotics and antifungals, my arm pain is flaring badly, so it's hard for me to type. I'll resume blogging when I'm able.

Merry Christmas, if you celebrate the holiday!


Stef said...

Sarah, actually, Christmas is supposed to be a time of happiness and joy... :) *wink*

I'm sorry to hear you are feeling SO poorly; I really can't imagine how much it sucks.

I also know I owe you lots of postcards; I promise to write some this week and get them in the mail to you. I've been a slacker.

I hope your pain subsides, and that you begin to derive some BENEFITS from your treatments very soon.


A-man said...
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Anonymous said...

In the same spirit, someone once told me, during a bad period in college "This too shall pass." To which I said "Whoever said that clearly didn't have IBS."